Summer Activity Packs

PLEASE BE AWARE we have limited funding for these packs, once we have received the maximum number of pack orders we will stop applications. We apologise if you were unable to receive a pack this time round, however, we will still collect your details should we be able to fund more packs in the future.

Swindon Borough Council, Community Health & Well Being team, in partnership with Wiltshire and Swindon Sport (WASP) and the Swindon Sports Forum are providing FREE Summer Activity Packs for families in Swindon who have children or young adults with additional support needs. This is to encourage families to stay active during the summer as lockdown restrictions gradually ease.

Many families will have been shielding during the pandemic and perhaps are not ready or are unable to restart the clubs and activities they were doing prior to lockdown and the shielding programme starting. We want to make sure these families have fun ways to keep active either at home or at a local park during the summer holidays.

Our package will be provided per family and delivered to their house. This may take around 2 weeks depending on delivery times.

Currently this is a targeted offer for families with children / young adults with additional support needs. If you are a professional or organisation who work with families who you feel would benefit from an Activity Pack, please forward on this information to the family where they can complete the application below.

Up to 5 items per family can be selected from a predetermined list. Items include standard sports equipment such as tennis rackets and footballs, as well as sensory equipment such as flexi rings and adapted equipment like nest balls and hitting tees.

Before starting this application for your FREE Summer Activity Pack, please make sure you have been referred by a health / education / social care professional.

FIRST STEP: Take a look at the  Summer Equipment List (Click Here) and select 5 pieces of sports equipment you wish to receive (It might be worth writing these down for the next part).

SECOND STEP: Fill out the Webform Link (Click Here), we will ask for your contact information, who referred you and the sports equipment you wish to receive.

THIRD STEP: Once we receive confirmation of your Webform, we will aim to deliver the package within two weeks.

If you have any questions about the Activity Packs please email Lewis on [email protected] or in his absence, Antonio on [email protected]

We will also be sending out Activity Booklets with every sports equipment delivery, if you would like a copy of this booklet, please email Lewis on [email protected] or Antonio on [email protected] and we can send you a copy or print one for delivery (You do not need a referral for this).